Look Lets make this fun and profitable?

The rules as the stand are basic.  

  1. You can create as many sites as your membership level allows.  Please leave the site name for someone else if you cant use it 🙂
  2.  You may NOT build any sites which are offensive in nature.  (No hate, No anti race or sexist stuff,)
  3. NO porn or any kind (including Banners or advertising)
  4. You may not upload files or scripts intended to break or disrupt the normal operations or our website or servers.
  5. NO Scamming  based websites of any kind. (sites will be deleted immediately)
  6. NO Spamming. (sites will be deleted immediately

​Lets keep the rules simple by obeying them.

We will be adding and modifying this page from time to time.  Check back to make sure you are going by these simple rules and don’t get your sites suspended or deleted.

Admin: XmyWEB​